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The early years history of Genghis Khan, before he took on the name. The biggest Khan (king) of mongolian tribe at the time. Genghis Khan changed the way mongolian live. He also teach mongolian war technique which lead them to conquer half of the world including China and Russia in 1206.

Story started with 9 years old Temudjin (Genghis Khan childhood’s name) went on journey with his father to seek for a wife. In the middle of journey, little Temudjin found his future wife, Borte. Unlike traditional mongolian culture, where male is the one who should choose his wife, Temudjin was chosen by Borte. One phrase from her “smart people came here (the village) for a wife. You should choose me Temudjin”, and he made up his mind to proposed her on the next day. The story goes, Temudjin’s father murdered by Chinese, His father’s trusted man betrayed and try to kill Temudjin to gain throne. On the run, only one thing on Temudjin mind. No, Its not revenge, it’s always about Borte. On the era, when mongolian women is less precious than a horse, Temudjin struggle to get to his wife again is something weird. But in the end, family is something that lead him to get his first army, and later, conquer China.

This movie’s get nomination for best foreign language movie. Use mostly Mongolian language (I’m not really sure what language they use, but I’m sure it’s not one of the chinese languages), I really hate the fact that I have to read the subtitle to understand the movie and missed some really really beautiful panorama shoot in the movie. The plot move slowly but not boring, give chance for audience to enjoy mongolia savana and snow panorama, unique clothes and jewelry, and the most important, mongolia culture and way of life which detailed was explain perfectly in the script. All the actors and actress plays perfectly. I found no blooper in the movie. Only one thing really bother me, the transition from night (dark) to day (light) really hurt my eyes. Because the night scene is really dark, mostly in black, blue or red color, suddenly it change into bright white snow color. Hurt T.T .

At the end, It’s a very sweet love story. Genghis struggle to get Borte by his side (and fight for his faith). Borte struggle to keep her husband alive. Whatever it cost. Not cheesy, so boys can enjoy the movie too. Pretty good, right?!


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