Guess who’s older!

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Guess who's older!Once my friend wrote on Plurk “I’m 26 now. Am I old?”. I answered “I’m 26 also. But I believe old is depend on your clothes choices.” When I told it to my BF, he laughed at me and told me how mean I was. I don’t understand, I just try to be honest. In fact, nobody believes that me and my friend is at the same age, everybody think she’s older than me, and I insist that’s because of my style.

Thinking about this, luckily I just watched this show in e-entertainment called “Guess who’s older!”. On the show, people on the street were asked question “Who do you think is older? Celebrity A or Celebrity B?”. Mostly answer it incorrectly.

Most people sure Angelina Jolie is lot older than Jennifer Aniston, when in fact she’s 6 years younger. They think Britney Spears is older than Jessica Alba, when in fact they’re at the same age. And They briefly answer that Ali Lohan is older than Selina Gomez. They swear that Ali is at least 17 years old, and Selina isn’t older than 15 years old. The fact is: Ali Lohan is still 14 years old, while Selina is 16 years old.

Why some person looks older than the other? And I was right. It (was said on the show) is because your style, and plus your life style. The choices of fashion style, parties, kids, unhealthy lifestyle, tired and stressful conditions definitey make people looks older. It’s proven by Angelina (kids & stressful lifestyle), Britney (stress, party & kids) and Ali (Style & party). But I don’t like to blame environment for my old looks. I think (beside the choices of style, of course 😛 ) it’s all about you. If you want to look older, so people treat you like older people, then you’ll look older than person who begging for childish looks. So, don’t complain!!!


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The World Ugliest Dog Contest

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Each year, American held the event ‘The world ugliest dog contest’.  The competition is simple, divided into 2 classes, pure breed and mix breed (mutt). The winner from each class, compete to get the second round winner. The second round winner, compete the past winner to get the real winner.

The show I watched in Animal Planet Channel is 2006 championship. The winner is pure-bred Chinese Crested named Archie. If they said ugly, then its meant ugly. None of the dog that I’ve ever seen in my life is close to the ugliness shown in the show. For me, Archie the winner, looks like mix-breed of hairless fat toy dog, after bath in the water gremlins* and gecko. She has no front teeth, makes her tongue always stuck out of her mouth, causing drooling all the time (and all over the place, too). The latest news mentioned that Archie is still The World’s Ugliest Dog until now on.


Think you can stand Archie looks? please take a look at the picture of Sam, the king of the show. Sam won the competition 3 times in a row. He passed away on September 2006. To be honest, just to look at the picture could make me have a nightmare.


The funny thing is, was said that the number of candidates never been high. Not because the small number of the ugly dog. But, because the dog owner never think that their dog is ugly. Most of the candidates are forced by friends and family to join the competition. And all of them said “I know my dog is ugly because everybody said so. But for me, he/she is the best gift in my life”. So sweet. Suddenly, I looked at my dog, he’s curled sleeping in my blanket. My boyfriend always say that I have a very handsome dog. But I don’t really care. All I care about is “I already got the best gift in my life”.


*Gremlins: fictional character in 1984 movie “Gremlins”. The cute hairy little gremlin will spawn hairless ugly nasty green Gremlins if its becomes wet by water.

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