Planet B-Boy

Monday, November 3, 2008 at 1:10 am (... in theatre, The movie I watch) (, )

Planet b-boy is a documentary story of 4 b-boy teams: USA, France, Japan and South Korea while they practice and involved in B-boy Battle of The Year. 

Personally, I really love documentary movie. And I should praise this one. The story order is really documentary type. Its started with “What is B-boy?”. Mmm, I just know that people who doing breakdance was called ‘b-boy’, and not ‘breaker’ as I always called them all this time. Continue with the history (not forget to mention the up-and-down) of breakdance, the history of b-boy Battle of The Year, and the strong competitors in the competition. The story goes to 4 strong competitors and their uniqueness. USA with the history, France with the power and speed, Japan with the idea and South Korea with the technique. Full with record of practice time, way of life and family moment, make me really get into the (reality) movie.

Not box-office type of movie, only a few people in theatre when I watched it. But, the theatre is full of “uuuu” and “aaa” noise, each time amazing technique shown in the theatre screen. And I have to tell you, there are so many breakdance techniques that I’ve never seen it before, and I will never ever believe that human being can do such technique unless I see it by my own eyes. I believe each people in theatre that night, somewhere in their mind, making plan to go see b-boy Battle of The Year sometimes in their life, as I do.

So, what the best thing about the movie? Something that makes me loves documentary movie. Feel sad when the subject’s cry, feel happy when the the subject’s smile, feel beaten when one competitor lose and feel the celebration when the other competitor cheering their winning. 😀


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