The Cure – The Only One

Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 2:30 pm (... stuck in my head, The music I hear) (, )

Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my head
When you pull me upstairs
And you push me to bed
Oh I love what you do to my head
It’s a mess up there
Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my heart
When you push me back down
And then pull me apart
Oh I love what you do to my heart
It’s the best oh yeah!

Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my lips
When you suck me inside
And you blow me a kiss
Oh I love what you do to my lips
It’s so sweet in there
Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my hips
When you blow me outside
And then suck me like this
Oh I love what you do to my hips
It’s the beat 
Oh yeah!

You’re the only one I cry for
The only one I try to please
You’re the only one I sigh for
The only one I die to squeeze

And it gets better every day I play
With you 
It’s such a scream
Yeah it gets meta every day I say
With you
It’s so extreme
Yeah it gets wetter every day I stay
With you it’s like a dream

Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my skin
When you slip me on
And slide me in
Oh I love what you do to my skin
It’s a blush on there
Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my bones
When you slide me off
And slip me home
Oh I love what you do to my bones
It’s the crush 
Oh yeah!

You’re the only one I cry for
The only one I try to please
You’re the only one I sigh for
The only one I die to squeeze

And it gets hazier every way I sway
With you 
It’s such a scream
Yeah it gets mazier every play I say
With you
It’s so extreme
Yeah it gets crazier every day I stay
With you it’s like a dream

Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to me…

From me: I think this song’s tell about sexual activity. Hmmm, is it true, or is it just me? :p Whatever, this song makes me smile every time I hear it (and imagining some ‘naughty’ things in mind).


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Guess who’s older!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 2:03 am (... in television, The movie I watch) (, , , , , , )


Guess who's older!Once my friend wrote on Plurk “I’m 26 now. Am I old?”. I answered “I’m 26 also. But I believe old is depend on your clothes choices.” When I told it to my BF, he laughed at me and told me how mean I was. I don’t understand, I just try to be honest. In fact, nobody believes that me and my friend is at the same age, everybody think she’s older than me, and I insist that’s because of my style.

Thinking about this, luckily I just watched this show in e-entertainment called “Guess who’s older!”. On the show, people on the street were asked question “Who do you think is older? Celebrity A or Celebrity B?”. Mostly answer it incorrectly.

Most people sure Angelina Jolie is lot older than Jennifer Aniston, when in fact she’s 6 years younger. They think Britney Spears is older than Jessica Alba, when in fact they’re at the same age. And They briefly answer that Ali Lohan is older than Selina Gomez. They swear that Ali is at least 17 years old, and Selina isn’t older than 15 years old. The fact is: Ali Lohan is still 14 years old, while Selina is 16 years old.

Why some person looks older than the other? And I was right. It (was said on the show) is because your style, and plus your life style. The choices of fashion style, parties, kids, unhealthy lifestyle, tired and stressful conditions definitey make people looks older. It’s proven by Angelina (kids & stressful lifestyle), Britney (stress, party & kids) and Ali (Style & party). But I don’t like to blame environment for my old looks. I think (beside the choices of style, of course 😛 ) it’s all about you. If you want to look older, so people treat you like older people, then you’ll look older than person who begging for childish looks. So, don’t complain!!!

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The Cure – 4:13 DREAM

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 1:03 am (... in CD, The music I hear) (, )


thecure-4.13dreamI bought The Cure latest album 4:13 Dream last week. At that time I had no choice, I really need to buy something new for my car audio, but Ayumi Hamasaki latest CD bundle was too expensive. I’ve never been a big fan of The Cure, in fact, I can’t handle some of their songs. But I really couldn’t leave some tracks like ‘Inbetween Days’, ‘Just Like Heaven’ and ‘Maybe Someday’ behind.

Marketing for 4:13 Dream is very unique. One single released at every 13th each month , for 4 months. Started with “The Only One”, then “Freakshow”, “Sleep when I’m Dead” and “Perfect Boy”. On the fifth month, the album “4:13 Dream” was released, contains 13 tracks. Cool huh?! 

Event though it was said that there are 4 singles, but I only had “The Only One” single on local radio. It’s catchy, I like it since the first time I heard it. But the album? the first time is a nightmare! it got me a headache X( But the weird thing’s I couldn’t stop listening to them, and after a week, well, I have to say now I really love them. I’m listening to them while I’m driving, I listed it on iTunes library, I have them on my iPod. 

The Cure is an old folks, formed in 1976 (wow, 6 years before I was born, even my parents not yet married 😮 ) My early The Cure songs is “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Friday I’m in Love”. Never bought the album nor single, I just bought “Galore” and “Singles”, their the best kind of album, and I lost them both. I watched the PVC since while they were still young and lean until now become old and (a bit) fat. But their music is still, Robert Smith’s vocal still whining and nice catchy melody. Now, the band is 32 years old, they’ve been sell 27 million record all over the world, and they’re still not in the mainstream.

My advice, if you’re not a big fan of The Cure, better listen to the tracks carefully. After 4-5 times, you’ll get a couple of songs that really got into your heart, and make you care no more of the (whining) vocals. My favorite tracks are: “The Only One”, “Perfect boy” and “This. Here and Now. With You”. All of them is a love song ^^. What yours?

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Are we married because we’re mature or because we’re looking for maturity?

Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 12:58 am (Let me think ...)

This evening, I wrote on Plurk: “do you think I’m weird because I’m not into a marriage things?”. From weird or not case, the discussion change the direction into the maturity things. One Plurker said: “Marriage is depend into one person maturity (level)” The other tried to make example: “Let’s we consider it by logic, are we gone into the university because we’re smart or because we want to be smart?”. At that time I wrote: “By my lecturing experience, I find out that student who’s smart enough to find out about the major he/she is into before join in, mostly become better student than who don’t”. End of discussion.

How if I twist the logic phrase a bit: “Are we married because we’re mature or because we’re looking for maturity?”. Hmm, it’s become hard question then. To be honest, I hate people who think they are mature, specially the young people who think they are more mature then they pals just because they have ring on their ring finger. Why? because they tend to spread the advice (while we’re not asked for it) and treat other people like children. And what I hate most? the advice is mostly about marriage. If that happen, I used to leave them and thinking “He/she just can’t stand marriage euphoria”. (T,T)

My parents has been wed for about 28 years. Are they mature? I’m gonna say “sometimes”. When my mother get angry, she tend to slammed the door. Or my father, who stand for not speaking to my ‘enemy’ daughter for a while after we get fight. If that happen, me and my sister will stay on her room and laugh about “how not mature our parent are”. But,they married, so they are mature. And why they tend to act immature? 😦 . Hmm, I think maybe the answer is this:

“Most people decide to get married because they think they are already mature mentally and physically, and most of those people needs to get married because they need acknowledgment from their environment about they’re maturity.” How about that 🙂  

If I ask my BF about my maturity, He’ll say I’m not mature because this and that. And if he asked me the same question, I’ll say he’s not mature because this and that. So I think we’re both not mature yet. But, after a while, I think our immaturity are only on the small unimportant enough to think about things. So I guess, until my death, I’ll never be fully mature mentally, and the most important thing is I’ll never be mature enough for people who think they are mature. And someday, if I ever get married, I want it because I already learn all about marriage things and ready to take the risk. I believe marriage will not change my maturity. But I will stand up, raise up my chin and proudly say “I’m not fully mature (mentally), and I’m not gonna fix it, because I need it. But I’m happy to be mature enough to learn and considering any marriage aspect, before I say “I do”.

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The World Ugliest Dog Contest

Monday, November 3, 2008 at 1:32 am (... in television, The movie I watch) (, , )


Each year, American held the event ‘The world ugliest dog contest’.  The competition is simple, divided into 2 classes, pure breed and mix breed (mutt). The winner from each class, compete to get the second round winner. The second round winner, compete the past winner to get the real winner.

The show I watched in Animal Planet Channel is 2006 championship. The winner is pure-bred Chinese Crested named Archie. If they said ugly, then its meant ugly. None of the dog that I’ve ever seen in my life is close to the ugliness shown in the show. For me, Archie the winner, looks like mix-breed of hairless fat toy dog, after bath in the water gremlins* and gecko. She has no front teeth, makes her tongue always stuck out of her mouth, causing drooling all the time (and all over the place, too). The latest news mentioned that Archie is still The World’s Ugliest Dog until now on.


Think you can stand Archie looks? please take a look at the picture of Sam, the king of the show. Sam won the competition 3 times in a row. He passed away on September 2006. To be honest, just to look at the picture could make me have a nightmare.


The funny thing is, was said that the number of candidates never been high. Not because the small number of the ugly dog. But, because the dog owner never think that their dog is ugly. Most of the candidates are forced by friends and family to join the competition. And all of them said “I know my dog is ugly because everybody said so. But for me, he/she is the best gift in my life”. So sweet. Suddenly, I looked at my dog, he’s curled sleeping in my blanket. My boyfriend always say that I have a very handsome dog. But I don’t really care. All I care about is “I already got the best gift in my life”.


*Gremlins: fictional character in 1984 movie “Gremlins”. The cute hairy little gremlin will spawn hairless ugly nasty green Gremlins if its becomes wet by water.

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Monday, November 3, 2008 at 1:19 am (... in theatre, The movie I watch) (, )

The early years history of Genghis Khan, before he took on the name. The biggest Khan (king) of mongolian tribe at the time. Genghis Khan changed the way mongolian live. He also teach mongolian war technique which lead them to conquer half of the world including China and Russia in 1206.

Story started with 9 years old Temudjin (Genghis Khan childhood’s name) went on journey with his father to seek for a wife. In the middle of journey, little Temudjin found his future wife, Borte. Unlike traditional mongolian culture, where male is the one who should choose his wife, Temudjin was chosen by Borte. One phrase from her “smart people came here (the village) for a wife. You should choose me Temudjin”, and he made up his mind to proposed her on the next day. The story goes, Temudjin’s father murdered by Chinese, His father’s trusted man betrayed and try to kill Temudjin to gain throne. On the run, only one thing on Temudjin mind. No, Its not revenge, it’s always about Borte. On the era, when mongolian women is less precious than a horse, Temudjin struggle to get to his wife again is something weird. But in the end, family is something that lead him to get his first army, and later, conquer China.

This movie’s get nomination for best foreign language movie. Use mostly Mongolian language (I’m not really sure what language they use, but I’m sure it’s not one of the chinese languages), I really hate the fact that I have to read the subtitle to understand the movie and missed some really really beautiful panorama shoot in the movie. The plot move slowly but not boring, give chance for audience to enjoy mongolia savana and snow panorama, unique clothes and jewelry, and the most important, mongolia culture and way of life which detailed was explain perfectly in the script. All the actors and actress plays perfectly. I found no blooper in the movie. Only one thing really bother me, the transition from night (dark) to day (light) really hurt my eyes. Because the night scene is really dark, mostly in black, blue or red color, suddenly it change into bright white snow color. Hurt T.T .

At the end, It’s a very sweet love story. Genghis struggle to get Borte by his side (and fight for his faith). Borte struggle to keep her husband alive. Whatever it cost. Not cheesy, so boys can enjoy the movie too. Pretty good, right?!

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Planet B-Boy

Monday, November 3, 2008 at 1:10 am (... in theatre, The movie I watch) (, )

Planet b-boy is a documentary story of 4 b-boy teams: USA, France, Japan and South Korea while they practice and involved in B-boy Battle of The Year. 

Personally, I really love documentary movie. And I should praise this one. The story order is really documentary type. Its started with “What is B-boy?”. Mmm, I just know that people who doing breakdance was called ‘b-boy’, and not ‘breaker’ as I always called them all this time. Continue with the history (not forget to mention the up-and-down) of breakdance, the history of b-boy Battle of The Year, and the strong competitors in the competition. The story goes to 4 strong competitors and their uniqueness. USA with the history, France with the power and speed, Japan with the idea and South Korea with the technique. Full with record of practice time, way of life and family moment, make me really get into the (reality) movie.

Not box-office type of movie, only a few people in theatre when I watched it. But, the theatre is full of “uuuu” and “aaa” noise, each time amazing technique shown in the theatre screen. And I have to tell you, there are so many breakdance techniques that I’ve never seen it before, and I will never ever believe that human being can do such technique unless I see it by my own eyes. I believe each people in theatre that night, somewhere in their mind, making plan to go see b-boy Battle of The Year sometimes in their life, as I do.

So, what the best thing about the movie? Something that makes me loves documentary movie. Feel sad when the subject’s cry, feel happy when the the subject’s smile, feel beaten when one competitor lose and feel the celebration when the other competitor cheering their winning. 😀

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